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Central Office High School Middle School Elementary School

Central Office

Phone Number
Patrick Kreger Superintendent 741-3302 pkreger
Chris Katz Director of Technology 741-3317 ckatz
Melissa Butler Business Manager 741-3301 mbutler
Deb McDowell Food Service Director 741-3312 dmcdowell
LuAnn Dolph Transportation Supervisor 741-3350 ldolph
Lori Cross Assistant Business Manager 741-3303 lcross
Kelly AcMoody Administrative Assistant 741-3300 kacmoody
Cresta Wright Technology Integration Specialist 741-3316 cwright

High School

Phone Number
Christina Feneley Principal/Director of Instruction 741-3305 cfeneley
Doreen Counterman Counselor 741-3345 dcounterman
Jeff Hammond Athletic Director/Dean of HS Students 741-3306 jhammond
Lu Sexton Secretary 741-3304 lsexton
Kim Miller Secretary 741-3334 kimmiller
Chasity Allen Special Education Teacher 741-3319 callen
John Bain Social Studies Teacher 741-3337 jbain
Dan Barda Physical Education/Health Teacher 741-3382 dbarda
Mary Brecheisen Language Arts /Social Studies Teacher 741-3335 mbrecheisen
Steve Brown Business/Media Teacher 741-3342 sbrown
Scott Cayo Mathematics Teacher 741-3332 scayo
Sarah Connelly Language Arts/Yearbook Teacher 741-3322 sconnelly
Chris Davis Physical Education Teacher 741-3323 cdavis
Elizabeth Edwards Language Arts Teacher 741-3320 eedwards
Nicole Hammond Science Teacher 741-3333 nhammond
Jeff Hilarides Band/Music Teacher 741-3328 jhilarides
Caitlin McCardle Special Education Teacher 741-3338 cmccardle
Megan McKown Art Teacher 741-3341 mmckown
Karlene Neal Science/Mathematics Teacher 741-3336 kneal
Michelle Ostling Language Arts /Spanish Teacher 741-3318 mostling
Zac Neal Mathematics Teacher 741-3329 zneal
Aubree Spencer Special Education Teacher 741-3330 aspencer
Randall Widener Social Studies Teacher 741-3346 rwidener

Middle School

Phone Number
Brandon Bruce Principal 741-3368 bbruce
Stacy Guertler Counselor 741-3369 sguertler
Darlene Mack Secretary 741-3364 dmack
Jolene Boody Secretary 741-3365 jboody
Carrie Adams 6th Grade History/Science Teacher 741-3393 cadams
Chasity Allen Special Education Teacher 741-3319 callen
Dan Barda Physical Education Teacher 741-3382 dbarda
Heidi Beattie 7th & 8th Grade English Teacher 741-3377 hbeattie
Lori Bowers Special Education Teacher 741-3378 lbowers
Amber Case Art Teacher 741-3397 acase
Jessica Decker 5th Grade Math/Science Teacher 741-3379 jdecker
Mike Eyre 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher 741-3375 meyre
Sherri Falkner 6th Grade English/Science Teacher 741-3390 sfalkner
Lori Gibson 7th & 8th Grade English Teacher 741-3376 lgibson
Jeff Hilarides Band/Music Teacher 741-3384 jhilarides
Kristina Jackson Special Education Teacher 741-3387 kjackson
Alison James Special Education Teacher 741-3389 ajames
Darcy Lepper 6th Grade Mathematics/Science Teacher 741-3392 dlepper
Cassie Rumsey 7th & 8th Grade Science 741-3373 crumsey
Jamie Thomas 7th & 8th Grades Mathematics 741-3372 jthomas
Robin Williams 5th Grades History/Science Teacher 741-3398 rwilliams
Kathy Wilson Special Education Teacher 741-3388 kwilson
Heather Worden 5th Grade English/Science Teacher 741-3383 hworden

Elementary School

Phone Number
Lori Vaccaro Principal 741-5762 lvaccaro
Mandi MacDonald Counselor 741-5789 mmacdonald
Jill McCombs Secretary 741-5760 jmccombs
Holly Bain 2nd Grade Teacher 741-5782 hbain
Chris Bigelow 2nd Grade Teacher 741-5779 cbigelow
Donna Burdick Special Education Teacher 741-5781 dburdick
Megan McKowen Art Teacher 741-5776 mmckowen
Ashley Marsh Special Education Teacher 741-5799 amarsh
Sarah Dexter Kindergarten Teacher 741-5763 sdexter
Mark Hageman Music Teacher 741-5775 mhageman
Cindy Heator 3rd Grade Teacher 741-5778 cheator
Michele Lake Physical Education Teacher 741-5791 mlake
Jody Ledbetter Kindergarten Teacher 741- 5764 jledbetter
Heather LeDuc Kindergarten Teacher 741-5784 hleduc
Marcy Mead 4th Grade Teacher 741-5771 mmead
Nicole Minniear 3rd Grade Teacher 741-5780 nminniear
Jacy Nay 3rd Grade Teacher 741- 5773 jnay
Marcia Ohler 1st Grade Teacher 741- 5766 mohler
Allison Reynolds 1st GradeTeacher 741-5783 areynolds
Tanya Sherwood 2nd Grade Teacher 741-5777 tsherwood
Anne Swain 4th Grade Teacher 741-5772 aswain
Jared Thornton 4th Grade Teacher 741-5795 jthornton
Johanna Vosburg GSRP Teacher 741- 5798 jvosburg
Cindy Watson Kindergarten Teacher 741-5787 cwatson
Carolyn Zuck 1st Grade Teacher 741-5765 czuck